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Blanket distribution to needy ones

20 Blankets were distributed to the needy ones on 7/11/2009.

AIM : Winter has come and thousands and thousands of children's and adults need woolen garments. Too much of belongings need to be provided to poor peoples. Every house requires disposing old woolen clothes. These old clothes can help the poor ones. There should not be any death due to suffrages from cold.

Running of Ambulance on high ways

Too many road accidents are taking place on highways. We lost our only son child in such type of accident. Had he been provided immediate medical help, he would have been alive with us. We are pinched by this feeling all the time and every moment.

  Food and Nutrition
Aakash maindwal foundation provies healthy and nutrition food for the children who are sick and unhealthy
   Tree Plantations :
To go in for mass tree plantation for clean and pollution free atmosphere and get rid of global warming. The real need of the hour especially in big cities. A big challenge for the generations to come.
Food distribution to the orphan kids :

Food distribution

  • A very good Quality Lunch was served to the Needy Children's (About 226 in nos)
  • Date of Activity: on 10/09/2009. (DOB of Aakash - 10/09/1983)

AIM : Provide a very good quality and healthy food to all the needy children's. The food should have high nitrous values.

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