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  Proper nutrition to needy children and needy ones.Talent search in poor children’s.Clothes distribution to poor children’s and needy onesBooks distribution to poor children’s and needy ones Mass tree plantation in big cities to save the earth from GLOBAL WARMING


To arrange, provide and help for job searching & placement to the benefit of the general public.To educate children of disadvantaged communities living and difficult to reach and inaccessible areasTo arrange, propagate and organize camps in rural and urban areas on ‘Grow more plants’, ’Save mother Earth’, ‘Water conservation’, ‘Energy conservation’, Biodiversity conservation, ‘Use alternative sources of Energy like Solar energy’, Use Bio diesel’, ’Global warming’To arrange of the employment awareness camp/programs for the benefit of poor & needy students. To arrange and Organize Eye and Blood donation camps.

Blanket Distribution to the needy one's Winter has come and thousands and thousands of children’s and adults need woolen garments. Too much of belongings need to be provided to poor peoples. Every house requires disposing old woolen clothes. These old clothes can help the poor ones. There should not be any death due to suffrages from cold.

Future Activities.

Too many road accidents are taking place on highways. We lost our only son child in such type of accident. Had he been provided immediate medical help, he would have been alive with us. We are pinched by this feeling all the time and every moment. Prompt availability of ambulance can save so many lives.


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Tree plantations Nurturing Talent of the orphan kids Food Distribution
Running of Ambulance on High ways
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